Technical Rescue Division


We offer courses ranging from the Awareness level to the Rescue Technician level.  All of our courses maximize hands on training to get you out of the classroom and into the field to use your equipment.  In addition to the basics, our courses include topics such as lockout and tag-out, air quality monitoring and data interpretation, ventilation techniques, and OSHA defined command and control.   We can use your work location or one of our training sites.  >>Register for this course



Cascade Training Group has a cadre of experienced climbers.  We can help you or your organization develop a safe and effective tower climbing program or provide you with advanced skills to conduct emergency tower rescue.  Our technicians are available as trainers or consultants to help you develop a tower rescue program.   >>Register for this course



Rope Access, as the name implies, is an access method using ropes and / or climbing techniques to reach difficult areas.  Rope Access also allows our team of technicians to move equipment or set up rigging to conduct a wide variety of work at high elevations and other hard to reach areas without scaffolding or heavy equipment.  Need something rigged to raise or lower?  Want to move something heavy?  Call us for help.

Rope Access evolved from techniques used in rock climbing and caving to become an extremely safe and cost effective industrial tool.  Cascade Training Group offers high and difficult access work, safety and supervision or training and consulting for all of your above or below grade needs.  >>Register for this course



Our courses will introduce new students to the science behind technical rope rescue, or refresh veteran rescuers with the latest industry standards.  You can use one of our course templates, or let us develop a custom course to meet the needs and the experience of your team.

Cascade Training Group offers a 5-day rope academy for rescue technicians, or custom courses individually built, to whatever level of training you or your organization needs. >>Register for this course



Also called “whitewater rescue” is a subset of technical rescue dealing in whitewater river conditions.  Due to the added pressure of moving water, swiftwater rescue involves the use of specially trained personnel, ropes and mechanical advantage systems that are often much more robust than those used in standard rope rescue.

This course is offered for river guides, recreational kayakers, Fire Departments or rescue professionals, or anyone else who works or plays on the rivers.  We can tailor a course to your specific needs.  Our instructors are credentialed through Rescue 3 International – the worlds leading agency, and have over 20 combined years of swift water rescue experience and actual rescue missions.  >>Register for this course


Learn about our Wilderness Division Course here.

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